Robotic Paint Repair System


Using automation to increase productivity and consistency, the Finesse-it Robotic Paint Repair System detects and repairs paint imperfections on the automotive assembly line. It is centered on proprietary software that fixes defects, identified by a qualified vision system, by providing robots the right repair process to enable them to sand and polish the vehicles using 3M abrasive products.


The system is comprised of tools, abrasives, and process expertise all designed to work together with a range of robots.


Defects repaired by robots will focus on paint defects like dirt, fiber, and pops. Repairs will be completed competently and efficiently with cycle times equal to or faster than current operations. Defects on or near vehicle feature lines can be more challenging due to specific limitations of the robot and/or the vision system.


The Robotic Paint Repair System is part of a larger system partnered with different companies’ components that include robots, integration, vision systems, and more.


3M Robotic Paint Repair System

  • 3M Active Compliant Tool
  • 3M Servo Random Orbital Buffer
  • 3M Servo Random Orbital Sander
  • 3M Repair Controller
  • 3M Abrasives, Compounds, and Accessories

Other Components

  • Robot
  • Vision system
  • Integration
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