Robotics Battery Packs


Aved Robotics Battery Packs provide clean voltage with a typical < 10% deviation, 1,000 plus cycles, high pulse up to 100 A, and capacities from

24 V to 200 V (10 to 100 A/hr.) and up to 4 kW, depending upon the application.  Custom designed and built to OEM specifications, the battery chemistry and cell selection are optimized with respect to voltage, cycles, pulse rates, capacity, charging, and mechanical packaging requirements.

Featuring rapid charge times of 1 hr to 85% where required, Aved Robotics Battery Packs include battery management systems and complete end of line testing to 4 kW.


Typical battery packs include;

  • Li-Ion
  • Li-Poly
  • LFP
  • primary lithium technologies
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