Robots for home and work.


The latest issue of maxon’s driven magazine explores the challenges in robotic applications

The new issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine is now available. In this issue, we learn that interaction between humans and robots will become much closer in the years to come, both at home and at work. What will this new interaction look like? What are the technical challenges? This latest issue of driven provides some of these answers and more.


Robots are now able to perform increasingly complex tasks both at home and at work. Read about Pepper, the little communication robot that can detect our moods and respond accordingly. The increasing amout of small industrial robots working hand-in-hand with humans and how awareness of their environment helps them to avoid collisions.

You will also learn more about how to control axes in robotics, and which DC motors and controllers are suitable for a given application. The new issue of driven also provides some insights into the ethical issues surrounding the use of robotics. Read about these topics and much more in the latest issue.

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