Robust ID Grippers Leave No Marks


These single-acting, pneumatically operated expansion grippers, with a diameter ranging from of 8-85 mm, gently grip the inner contours of workpieces without leaving any marks, providing an effective alternative to suction cups and sprue grippers for parts with holes or recesses.

The color-coded grippers made of high-strength, anodized aluminum can also be adjusted to individual workpieces via feed pressure.


  • Color coded
  •  FDA approved for direct contact with food
  • Made of high-strength, anodized aluminum and service-friendly EPDM or silicone bellows
  • Withstands temperatures up to 266°F (EPDM) and  392°F (silicone)
  • 11 grippers in the series
  • Accommodate a variety of workpieces with inner diameters ranging from 8–85mm and weigh between 0.88 and 37.047oz
  • Available with a wide range of matching fittings, screw connections, and other accessories
  • Several sizes of mounting brackets for variable angle installation
  • Four different extension tubes with compressed air connections.

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