Flexco recently announced the addition of the Rockline® EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner to its line of conveyor belt cleaners. A compact version of Flexco’s current offering of precleaners, the low-profile design of the Rockline EZP-LS boasts the same quality craftsmanship, material path options, and visual tension check as the rest of the line.
The EZP-LS also features an industry-exclusive visual blade wear gauge built into the tensioner, making it easy to check both tension and wear. 
The Rockline EZP-LS is ideal for limited space applications, including brick and block plants, road/mobile equipment, sand and gravel, and any other applications with severe space limitations and pulleys as small as 6 inches.
Superior quality in a compact design
The EZP-LS features the same user-friendly and performance features of the standard EZP1, with a compact design. The 4.5-inch (115 mm) high EZP-LS blade has the same patented, faceted ConShear™ blade profile, allowing the blade to renew its cleaning edge as it wears. The blade can easily be serviced with the one-pin blade replacement feature. The poles of the EZP-LS Precleaner are strong and durable – a hallmark of the Flexco brand.
The EZP-LS also features the Material Path Option™. Flexco pioneered the Material Path Option, which reduces the differential blade wear in the center of the urethane blades.  The option allows users to select the blade size that covers the belt’s material path only, reducing the “smile effect” wear pattern.  Utilizing a blade that covers only the material path boosts cleaning performance and extends the life of the blade.
Easy to use, easy to maintain
Like the EZP1, the compact LST tensioner on the Rockline EZP-LS is self-contained and simple to adjust, making it easier to set the precleaner to the desired tension and extending blade life.  The EZP-LS, however, also contains a unique visual blade wear gauge. 
“Flexco was the first to introduce a compression spring tensioner that could be visually checked, and we continue to innovate by enhancing the maintenance experience by including a visual blade wear gauge,” said Ryan Grevenstuk, Flexco Product Manager. “The tensioner allows the user to not only check the blade tension, but also the blade wear with one quick review of the tensioner.”
Belt maintenance and cleaning, along with the use of quality replacement parts, increases performance, extends the life of belt and conveyor components, and reduces downtime.

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