Rod Lock Cylinders


  • The Bimba Original Line Rod Lock Cylinder is a normally clamped unit that holds the piston rod in position when air pressure is not present. It is ideal for preventing drift at machine shut-down.
  • The Rod Lock Air Cylinder has dowel pins that ride in the cam groove. When air pressure is present, piston actuates and dowel pins follow cam to open position, allowing piston rod to travel freely through clamp. In the absence of pressure, the spring actuates the piston and dowels follow to closed position, activating the rod clamp.
  • The Rod Lock is not a safety device. It cannot be used for intermediate stopping; the cylinder is designed to prevent drift from a stationary position.
  • Load weight must not exceed the stated holding force for the cylinder.
  • Bore sizes are 3/4", 1-1/16", 1-1/2 ", and 2".

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