ROI Calculator finds payback period for auto-ID systems


Accu-Sort Systems Inc. introduced today an on-line ROI Calculator to help users of automated identification equipment determine the return on investment for package label and sortation systems. Users can access the ROI Calculator at to explore ROI challenges in laser and camera bar code scanning as well as automated labeling and sortation systems. Three ROI Challenges are presented: · Automated Labeling, Verification, and Package Distribution · Linear and Omnidirectional Laser Scanner Tunnels · High-Speed Camera Systems Each challenge provides guidance on how auto-ID in the material handling industry improves operational efficiency and increases accuracy. For each challenge, users enter their system variables, and the calculator computes the number of years to recoup the investment. The Automated Labeling Challenge calculates ROI for a fully configurable drag-and-drop setup that provides WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design of up to 50 label formats and a wide range of label sizes. It accommodates multiside, multilabel applications and high throughput. The challenge examines two scenarios: Reducing labor while maintaining the same throughput Increasing throughput while keeping labor the same The Laser Scanner Challenge shows how laser-scanning tunnels using linear and omnidirectional scanners can improve performance and savings. It examines three scenarios: Increasing read rate over old technology Reducing maintenance and repair costs Speeding replacement and reducing downtime The Camera Challenge shows how camera-based scanning tunnels can simplify installation while providing unmatched read rates and reliability. Three Challenges are examined: Increasing read rate over old technology Reducing label and labeling costs Reducing maintenance and repair costs “Whether you’re using a traditional laser bar code system, a camera system or the latest in RFID, the ROI Calculator provides a fast, accurate analysis of the pay back period for your system,” said Adnan Ahmed, Accu-Sort vice president of marketing. “Many variables are involved in building a successful auto-ID system, and every facility has different requirements. The ROI Challenge allows users to enter their own criteria, change them on the fly, and build a financial case for their own operation."
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