Roll-­up Doors & Screens


Reduced exposure time between differing environments provides less of an opportunity for unwanted insects, birds, dust and other particles to infiltrate a facility. With that in mind, TMI, LLC announces the 6000 Series roll‐up door & screen line. The complete line of Screen‐Pro, Vinyl-Pro and Bird‐Pro roll‐up screens, doors and barriers now includes the 6000 Series. 

The 6000 Series features a higher speed external jackshaft motor that moves doors at a speed of 36” per second. Prior to the 6000 Series, the fastest speed TMI rollup doors could reach was 24” per second. “We’re focusing on fully encompassing our customers’ needs by responding to a request that we couldn’t serve in the past,” Chris Jacobs, the primary point on the 6000 Series’ development, said. 

The increased speed allows for a wider variety of door and screen applications, including in areas where the expense of a high‐speed door can’t be justified. “We’re continuing to build on the momentum of the product line. Now we’re able to meet the demands of more applications,” Jacobs said. TMI’s roll-°©‐up line of doors and screens separate differing environments within and around a facility while also helping facilities meet AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection.


  • speed of 36” per second
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