Rolling and Plain Bearing Grease


Kluberlub BE 71-501 is a light-colored lubricating grease which offers good compatibility with nonferrous metals, including those used for plain bearing material. Due to its special formulation and solid lubricants, wear is low when exposed to rotating and oscillating motion and high impact loads. Klüberlub BE 71-501 is resistant to water and has a good sealing effect. The additives contained in the product enhance its aging resistance.


Klüberlub BE 71-501 can extend the service life of bearings where reduced wear and high load carrying capability is required under mixed friction conditions. The grease meets the requirements of reduced lubricant consumption and extended lubrication intervals in pellet mills to maintain facility efficiency.


Klüberlub BE 71-501 is also suitable for high-temperature applications, especially in the wood pellet industry where bearing protection is of the utmost importance to keep the mills running reliably.

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