Rotary Draw Bender Model Megabender® 030 with Internal Mandrel


Ercolina’s® patented mandrel system adapts easily to the Megabender® 030 without modification to produce high quality bends on tubes and hollow profiles when non-mandrel systems are no longer effective. Depending on the material, wall thickness and distance between bends the Ercolina® mandrel system can accommodate centerline bend radii as small as 1.3 times the external diameter on tube diameters ranging from 3/8" to 3". Mandrel bend system incorporates five individual tooling components to effectively support profile during bending process. These components; center former, pressure die, clamp die, wiper die and mandrel are specific to material type and dimension. Traditional mandrel machines require high volume production to be cost effective. The Ercolina® mandrel system is an inexpensive alternative to high volume systems making it ideal for prototype or short production runs.

The Megabender’s® main drive unit is electromechanical improving reliability and further reducing the cost and maintenance requirements associated with more expensive all hydraulic systems. Our hydraulic system is simple and reliable operating the clamp die, pressure die and mandrel extractor. Ercolina’s® standard micro-processor controls clamping, mandrel movement, bending speed, bending angle and material springback compensation functions for NC semi-automatic three axis operation. Newly redesigned mandrel tables are available in 5', 10' or 20' lengths accommodating most applications.

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