Rotary Indexing Deburring & Finishing Cells


After 25 years of designing and building aluminum extrusion end-deburring machines, Abtex Corporation has introduced custom-designed rotary indexing systems for high volume, multiple surface finishing in flexible machining system applications.

Abtex systems combine an indexing turntable with motor stations, fixturing options and on-board tooling options. However, each system is designed for a customer's unique parts and application requirements. The unit pictured here was designed to deburr and clean gears used in motorcycle transmissions. Though hourly productivity rates will vary based on the complexity and requirements for each part, the pictured unit has a proven process rate of 360 parts per hour.

Abtex describes its equipment designs as simple yet over built. The rotary indexing system's cells are fully programmable, right down to feeds, speeds, automatic brush-wear compensation and tooling change alarm signals.

These functions are controlled by a user-friendly touch-screen interface. Innovative products like the rotary indexing system are the result of work being done in Abtex Corporation's applications lab, as well as the company's experience in brush manufacturing, application evaluation and total system design.

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