Rotary spindles for EDM. The newly introduced H80R.MNCM high-speed rotary indexing spindle combined with the H1625.AC3 fully programmable variable speed AC control, hasmade the production of miniature round parts with small diameters and finer finishes possible. The H80R.MNCM incorporates special bearings with minimum radial run-out, an AC variable speed motor and a Heidenhain encoder for direct measurement positioning of +/-5 arc sec. The new H1625.AC3 control allows programming of continuous variable high-speed rotation and indexing which can be integrated to the machine control for automatic operation via M-Code. The H80R.MNCM can also be integrated directly to certain machine controls allowing high-speed rotation, indexing and turn while burn applications. Like all HIRSCHMANN tables and axes the H80R.MNCM is fully submersible and does not require air purging. APPLICATIONS: Unlike grinding, there are no side forces from wheel contact. Smaller diameters without deflection are possible. In addition, contoured shapes or flats are programmed into the EDM control, eliminating contoured wheels and reducing set-up times. Some of the product uses are: core and ejector pins for micro molds, medical applications, miniature valve slides, electrodes for sink EDM, and micro pump parts. Developed at HIRSCHMANN Germany, this new spindle along with refined generator settings of the wire EDM, allows the EDM turning and machining of diameters down to 0.05mm (0.002”) with surfaces to Ra 0,2. The H80R.MNCM Rotating Indexing Spindle and H1625.AC3 Programmable Variable Speed Indexing Control Unit are available for immediate delivery. Complete illustrations of all rotary tables and axes are available in the NEW free catalog RE 2008, STAINLESS STEEL ROTARY INDEXING TABLES AND A-AXES FOR WIRE AND SINKING EDM.
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