Rotary Motion Platform with Compact, Low Profile


RTS-DD Series rotary stages feature a compact, low profile design that helps minimize abbe errors when used in conjunction with another motion axis, and a brushless direct-drive servo motor that eliminates backlash and improves reliability by eliminating sliding friction throughout the stage. The series also features a high-resolution optical encoder with a precision index mark for homing, and a 30mm through-bore to enable the convenient routing of vacuum or high voltage lines for a wide range of wafer chucks.

They are ideal for use in a variety of laboratory, factory automation, and semiconductor processing applications, including: inspection, laser marking and machining, optical positioning, wafer alignment, and rate table, pan-and-tilt, and beam steering operations.


  • Angular accuracy: 30 arcsec
  • Repeatability: 3 arcsec
  • Resolution: 0.324 arcsec
  • High angular velocity: 480deg/s
  • Axial and radial run-out: 5µm
  • Exemplary wobble: 10arcsec
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