ErgotecH Inc. is releasing a new compact, portable, bi-directional, vertically rotational work positioner, suitable for welding, assembly, etc.

This ergonomic work positioner provides the operator with full 360-degree infinitely variable, bi-directional vertical speed rotation as well as a full work height adjustment.

The positioner’s mounting plate features multiple concentric bolt channels that easily accept any user applied tooling, parts, etc.

The positioner feature state-of-the art electronic regenerative variable speed control (0 -17 RPM) and safe rotation reversal at any time during operation.

The smooth 360-degree rotation as well as up/down height adjustment is activated using foot pedals. Rotational direction or rotational speed is adjusted from the control panel.

The positioner is designed and manufactured in the USA for positioning work up to 400 ft. pounds.

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