Rotational Viscometer


Rotational meters measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at a constant speed while immersed in the fluid. The torque is proportional to the viscous drag on the spindle, thus the sample viscosity.


These devices are the industry standard in determining absolute viscosity of all types of liquids with viscosities as high as 320 million cP. Digital models are available for low, medium, and high viscosity materials.



  • User can calibrate viscometer
  • All Spindles made of 316 stainless steel
  • Universal power supply 110-230v 50/60 Hz
  • CE/UL/CSA Approved
  • Global service and support
  • The continuous rotation of the spindle allows measurements to be made over time, permitting analysis of time-dependent fluids
  • The rate of shear is constant, so both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids can be tested
  • By rotating the spindle at several different speeds, shear dependent behavior can be analyzed


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