Roto-Shield‰ Live Centers


Royal Products has introduced the Royal Roto-Shield‰, an exclusive, new innovation that can increase a live center’s operating life by up to 300%. Now a standard feature on Royal’s most popular live center models, the Royal Roto-Shield‰ consists of an oversized steel coolant slinger machined into the center’s rotating point, combined with a long-life, spring-loaded neoprene seal that is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and virtually all metalworking fluids. The Royal Roto-Shield‰ produces a dramatic increase in bearing life by deflecting coolant, protecting bearings against harmful chips, fines, and dust, minimizing seal wear, and maintaining grease consistency. All Royal live center models equipped with Royal Roto-Shield‰ technology are rated for high-pressure coolant applications up to 2,000 psi, and have a guaranteed runout accuracy of +/- 0.000050” TIR. Royal Products offers a comprehensive exchange program that enables customers to turn in old, worn out live centers and receive discounts on brand new Royal Roto-Shield‰ live centers.
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