Round Bar Rail System


LOXrail program is a round rail system that increases assembly line efficiency for large machine and product manufacturing processes. Loads as heavy as several tons can be moved manually or with a small auxiliary drive with much lower energy consumption and much less equipment compared to standard procedures using overhead cranes, SGVs, or pallet trucks.


LOXrail is available in two sizes with rail diameter of 25 or 40 mm. Goods loaded on standard or custom-made trolleys are safely transported and accurately positioned. Nominal payloads vary with the number of wheel sets. Even standard trolleys carry payloads of up to 40 tons.


The perfect rail guide for an easy and safe handling of your machines and workpieces for medium and heavy loads:

  • Multiple track layouts by means of rail crossovers and turnstiles for a flexible transport throughout your plant
  • Standardized dollies  transport heavy  goods in your production (avoiding overhead crane
  • Transport carts and skids individually designed to suit your machine in a flow line
  • Heavy load rail guided vehicles for goods to be moved without crane
  • Manual move by the workers or with the support of “Push and Drag Movers“; electrically or pneumatically driven
  • The "big bolts" are moved by means of electrical “on-board” drive units (battery, cable-drums or touchless inductive); or the complete line by means of a push rod system
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