RRS-3 HVF Remote Racking Solution


The RRS-3 HVF remote racking solution allows technicians to remotely rack IN and OUT HVF-style vacuum circuit breakers from outside the arc-flash boundary up to 300 ft (91.4 m) away.


Installation and operation do not require any modifications to existing electrical equipment, and automating the racking procedure increases safety.


The RRS-3 HVF is compatible with all HVF-style circuit breakers manufactured by Myers Power Products with current ratings from 1200 to 3000 A. Typical industries for HVF-style circuit breakers include power generation, chiller/HVAC, petrochemical, water/waste treatment, pulp/paper, and data centers.


The RRS-3 HVF is lightweight and portable. The control/power source is the CBS ArcSafe RSO-IV control console.


  • Remote operation from up to 300 ft (91.4 m) away
  • Lightweight and portable for hard-to-access areas
  • Simple setup, no equipment modication required
  • Quick installation and removal from gear
  • Adjustable travel and locators to accommodate entire product line
  • Reduces or eliminates need for arc-ash hazard suits
  • Eliminates all hazardous manual contact with gear during operation
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