RS 501™ Compact Vacuum Sweeper


First impressions matter. The appearance, of the grounds of your facility, campus or municipality send a strong message. With a little help from the Advance RS 501, you can ensure that the message is positive.

The Advance RS 501 all season wet/dry sweeper stands alone in its category. Equal parts power and agility, the RS 501 not only gets to places other outdoor sweepers can’t, it picks up debris that the others either miss or simply can’t handle.

The keys to the RS 501’s performance are its exclusive rear steering capabilities and its top draw vacuum design. The rear-steering design enables the RS 501 to quickly and deftly maneuver more closely to curbs, buildings and other obstacles while its top draw vacuum design resists clogging and delivers awesome suction power.


• Three stage dust suppression system

• Simple and intuitive operator controls

• All-tempered glass operator cab

• Rear bumper

• Head and tail lights for night cleaning

• Backup Alarm

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