RS013N Robot


The RS013N has a 28.7 lb. (13 kg) payload capacity, a small footprint, and a flexible, IP67-classified design. The high speed and large working area are enabled by the light main unit and new arm structure. The 57.5 in. (1,460 mm) reach and floor, ceiling, and wall mount options allow for installation flexibility and use in a wide variety of applications.


The internal Ethernet wiring enables easy connection to a vision system or other peripheral devices. The dust-tight RS013N offers a full-body IP67 rating, fully covered motors, and waterproof electrical connections that allow the robot to be used in virtually any environment, including food and cleanroom applications. It also features reduced interference zones around the robot base, allowing the user to maximize their floor space and working area.


  • Degrees of freedom: 6 axes
  • Max. payload: 28.7 lb. (13 kg)
  • Positional repeatability: 0.001 in. (±0.03 mm)
  • Reach: 57.5 in. (1,460 mm)
  • Product weight: 374.8 lb. (170 kg)
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