RT200 Right-Angle Transfer System


Logistex RT200 Right-Angle Transfer System is a modular, expandable package that is part of the new Logistex Case Conveyor Solutions (LCCS) product family. Featuring interchangeable round and flat bands, the RT200 offers system setup flexibility and maximum transferring throughput. The Logistex RT200 Right-Angle Transfer is ideal for high-speed transfer on-the-fly and stop-and-transfer configurations and features a patent-pending band cartridge system. The RT200 does not require fasteners for band removal or assembly, limiting downtime by enabling maintenance personnel to quickly change bands for replacement or repairs. Other innovative features include an electric or pneumatic lift option and an expandable controls platform with a built-in variable frequency drive that allows customers to set belt speed parameters. The LCCS product family combines superior performance, reliability, throughput and ease of maintenance with the latest energy-saving features to reduce operating costs. The run-on-demand capabilities minimize wear and energy consumption, increasing operating efficiency.  The LCCS family also introduces the Logistex ZC200 Zone Control conveyor control system. This advanced controls platform provides flexible operational modes that handle simple to sophisticated system control requirements. Designed for minimal maintenance, reduced commissioning time and simplified training, the ZC200 requires no tools for installation or wiring and is equipped with local hardware diagnostics and easy switch settings for control configuration. The ZC200 eliminates the need for special software for standard operational modes.
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