Rugged Bridge Mill Tackles High Speed Net Shape Machining


The Hi-Net DMC-1500HN by Johnford is ideal for aerospace manufacturers and mold/die shops wanting speed, rigidity, and precision in a competitively priced double column machining center. Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. offers this 33,000 lb heavyweight bridge mill, which is specifically engineered for high speed net shape machining of complex 3D parts. Solid machine construction is key to the Hi-Net DMC-1500HN’s performance. Built tough, the DMC tackles a variety of materials at high feedrates and with a high degree of accuracy. It boasts heavy Meehanite castings that provide the strength and vibration dampening required for excellent surface finishes and exceptionally long cutting tool life. The columns and bridge are a one-piece casting for the best rigidity. A massive Z axis head and Y axis saddle feature square boxways and diagonally arranged ribs to minimize distortion caused by years of continuous service. The Hi-Net DMC-1500HN features a moving table/fixed column design that provides maximum rigidity. A rugged 90 degree bridge with offset Y axis ways and a wide saddle keep the spindle center line very close to the bridge for further rigidity. The X axis table traverse is accomplished via heavy duty Schneeberger roller linear ways for accurate positioning of heavy work pieces. Large diameter, pretensioned ballscrews and powerful servo motors further ensure accurate positioning. The bridge mill delivers XYZ travels of 59” X 35” X 30” and rapid rates of 944/944/590 IPM in X, Y, and Z. The rugged and rigid machine handles table loads up to 10,120 lb. The Hi-Net DMC-1500HN boasts a number of productivity enhancing features that are sold as options on competing machine tools. Weiss integral spindles, made in Germany, are standard equipment. The machine’s standard 15,000 RPM HSK-100A spindle delivers 56 HP and 300 ft-lb of torque – at just 1,000 RPM – for heavy cutting and fine finishing. For medium roughing and even finer finishing, a 24,000 RPM HSK-63A spindle delivers 31 HP and 53 ft-lb of torque at 3,000 RPM. Both spindles feature ceramic bearings and air-oil mist lubrication for best life. An 18,000 RPM grease packed HSK-63A spindle is also available for medium roughing and fine finishing. This spindle provides 30HP and 85 ft-lb of torque at 2,400 RPM. The standard Fanuc 18iM-B with all new alpha I series servo motors and AI NANO HPCC is standard for high speed, high accuracy machining. The control provides 600 blocks look ahead/150,000 blocks/min processing. A 640MB ATA built-in card provides mass program storage and Ethernet connectivity. Other standard features include a heavy duty 24 tool ATC (HSK-100A) or 24 tool (HSK-63A) ATC mounted to the machine column for easy maintenance, a chip removal system with twin screw type conveyors that discharge into a caterpillar type conveyor, a high volume coolant system, and a full machine enclosure to contain chips and coolant. Larger tool changers are also available.
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