Rugged Handheld Computers


Glacier Computer announces the launch of two new M3 Series handheld computer  models, the M300 and M305. The M300 and M305 offer a truly  rugged design, representing a new standard of data collection in  harsh environments. These innovative devices are designed for a  range of indoor and outdoor applications, including warehousing,  retail and field service.
The M300 and M305 handheld  computers are designed with many of the same attributes  inherent in Glacier’s Everest Series of vehicle-mount  computers such as high quality ruggedization and  configuration flexibility. “The M300 and M305 add  another dimension to the M3 Series product line of  rugged handheld computers to deliver a solid data  collection solution to the warehouse, retail and field  service workforce. Our expanded line of rugged mobile  computers, combined with industry solutions from  alliance partners and industry expertise from our  channel partners, our customers need only one stop for  all of their rugged data collection needs, “says Ron  D’Ambrosio, CEO of Glacier.
 The M300 and M305 are built with a modular design that is easily  configured to meet the specific needs of every end user.  Starting with the most basic model, added functionality is  easily configured so that customers are only paying for  necessary functions. The M305 features an ergonomic pistol grip,  designed for fatigue free all day scanning. Both models utilize  the M3 Series board-level ruggedization technique to provide a  light-weight, durable form factor that is sealed to IP65 rating  and certified to withstand multiple 6 foot drops to concrete.  Priced right, the new M3 Series models offer exceptional value  and a full line of features and accessories including: Win
 dows Mobile 6.1 Professional, an optional RFID reader and  standard 1D or 2D variable range scanners.


• Operating Temperatures - -4°F ~ +122°F / -20°C ~ +50°C • Weight - 623 g / 22 oz. • Humidity - 25% RH ~ 95% RH
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