Rugged ImpactDor® Door for Large Openings


Aleco’s new ImpacDor® XHD-175 is a continuously welded aluminum sub-frame with large vision panels and high bumpers allowing excellent visibility and maximum durability. This rugged door is suitable for a variety of applications including manufacturing facilities, cold storage and warehouses, and food processing plants. The versatile XHD-175 is built to withstand the stress of oversized openings, wash down applications, USDA, security, and refrigerated usage. It is resistant to impact abuse by carts, pallets, hand trucks and medium fork lift traffic.

The XHD-175’s strong, lightweight, tubular frame, welded to an aluminum stile that serves as a backbone, has excellent dimensional stability and retains its shape and seal in large openings while effectively separating two environments. The XHD-175 features 24” high full-view windows, full thickness 1.75” thick foam insulated core with ABS facings or optional galvanized steel facings and 42” high polyethylene bumpers. It can be custom made to suit your specifications for openings up to ten feet wide and ten feet high.  Transoms and dutch doors can accommodate openings higher than ten feet.  The XHD-175 is available in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with any décor.

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