Rugged Laser Levels


Rugged, professional-grade Laser Levels feature a fast-settling, self-leveling gimbal that quickly delivers accurate reference points, thereby expediting electrical and HVAC layouts.


All laser level models include magnetic wall brackets for easy, stable mounting.


Laser Level family includes:

  • Fluke-3PR (red laser) and Fluke-3PG (green laser) Point Laser Levels— self-leveling three-point laser levels for fast, accurate layout of reference points. Accurate to 6 mm at 30 meters (1/4 inch at 100 feet), it includes a floor stand for fast, easy overhang and centerline measurements. The green laser (Fluke-3PG) is up to three times brighter for improved visibility in outdoor and long range applications.
  • Fluke-180LR and Fluke-180LG Line Laser Levels— self-leveling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser levels for rapid, accurate (3 mm at 10 meters; 1/8 inch at 30 feet) leveling and layout.
  •  Fluke-LDR and Fluke-LDG Laser Line Detectors — laser line detectors for use in high ambient light settings with visual and audible indicators for ease of use. The detectors are compatible with Fluke-180LR (Fluke-LDR) or Fluke-180LG (Fluke-LDG) models and include mounting bracket for quick, steady positioning.
  • Fluke-180LR System and Fluke-180LG Systems — comprehensive self-leveling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser level systems that include laser line detector and detector bracket for use in high ambient light settings.
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