Rugged Mobile CPU


The NAUTIZ X8 rugged PDAs, for field workers in a number of market segments, including forestry, surveying, construction, field services, warehouse projects and logistics, enable efficient and reliable data collection in the toughest of environments. With an ultra-rugged exterior and superior processing power, screen size and sunlight visibility, the X8 can be used in the GIS, land surveying, public safety, forestry and military sectors.

Expansion packs are available to increase long range communication, imaging and add customized accessories.


  • Nautiz X8 Long Range Bluetooth (LRBT) Expansion Pack: long-range communication up to 300 meters. This option is especially well-suited for advanced forestry solutions, surveying and construction work
  • Nautiz X8 Barcode Expansion Pack features an imager module (Zebra SE4750SR) with an LED aimer: competitive scanning performance without sacrificing design, ruggedness or user experience. This option is ideal for workers in field service, warehouse projects and logistics
  • Nautiz X8 Basic Expansion Pack: empty add-on cap for an extension of your choice. It increases the Nautiz X8’s customizability and flexibility for specific customer requirements. It also allows users to install custom accessories under the cap using the proprietary interface.
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