Rust Bomb - Rust Remover Gel from Orison Marketing


Rust Bomb from Orison Marketing is a gel that specifically targets rust with its unique non-hazardous formula. It is designed to kill rust (iron-oxide), but will not harm aluminum, copper, brass, rubber, plastic or vinyl. It pulls the rust right off of the metal and leaves the metal like new. Rust Bomb rust remover gel is an extremely powerful and all natural rust remover designed to aid in rust removal on vertical surfaces and areas or parts too large to soak in Evapo-Rust. It employs a combination of modified chelators and rust inhibitors to attack the rust where it lives.

The metal should be free of dirt, oil and loose rust. Rust Bomb should be applied to the surface with a brush or putty knife. The rust removal process can take as little as 5-minutes or up to 24 hours. It all depends on how severe the rust is. Deep rust may take several applications. When done, the gel can be easily removed with water. After de-rusting, apply an appropriate protective coating such as paint, Rust Bandit, a water based rust inhibitor or CP90, an oil based inhibitor.
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