Safe and Efficient Tool Clamping


The HAIMER Safe-Lock pull out protection system ensures safe cutting tool clamping. Special drive keys in the tool holder perfectly match the spiral shaped grooves on the cutting tool shank, thus creating frictional clamping forces and a positive locking form-fit. This effectively prevents the cutting tool from pulling out of the tool holder. Furthermore, it increases the productivity through faster permissible speeds and increased tool life.


The Safe-Lock principle can be explained as follows: spiral-shaped grooves are ground into the cutting tool shank, which have the same angle like that in the tool. In combination with special EDM form closed drive keys in the tool holder (shrink fit chucks, collet chucks or also hydraulic chucks) the grooves prevent the cutting tool from twisting or being pulled out of the chuck during extreme machining, which causes very high costs when producing expensive work pieces. The combination of pull out protection and high runout accuracy leads to less vibrations and very efficient metal removal rates. With this, it is possible to increase the metal removal rates significantly by increasing the cutting depth and the feeds.


  • For High Performance Cutting (HPC)
  • Highly accurate clamping due to shrink fit technology
  • High torque due to form closed clamping
  • No loss of accuracy
  • No pull out of the tool
  • No spinning of the tool
  • No damages on work piece or machine
  • Groove on tool shank is directed so that tool will be pulled into the chuck (depending on direction of rotation)
  • Patent granted: licensing for cutting tool manufacturers possible
  • Safe-Lock available for shank diammeter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
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