Safe-T-Arms Barricades


With Safe-T-Arms barricades, arc flash safety compliance can be easy to achieve, highly effective, and economical. This product enables employers to establish a highly visible boundary warning of arc flash hazard areas and instructing unqualified and/or unprotected persons to remain at a safe distance. The end result is consistent, predictable compliance. 

The barricades come in three different styles. Mountable barricades, available in permanent-mount styles, are designed for use on most low-voltage (<600 v) systems where NFPA70E standards establish a 4 foot flash protection boundary. For systems requiring a flash protection boundary greater than 4 feet, free-standing Safe-T-Arms barricades can easily be placed at the appropriate distance.


  • three different styles
  • arc flash safety compliance can be easy to achieve

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Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
Absolute best and easiest product to use in the world.
With all of the NFPA70E requirements it's amazing someone didn't think of this sooner. Safe-T-Arms help us maintain a safe work environment time and again.
Great solution to a very serious safety problem. Simple practical product that is very well built.