SafeHold® EPL Series Lifting Magnets Make Quick Work of Difficult, Time Consuming Steel Handling


Eriez’ new SafeHold® EPL Series Permanent Lifting Magnets lift and transfer steel and iron without slings, hooks or cables, and without marring the surface.  They are ideal for a variety of machine shop operations including carrying semi-finished products with flat surfaces such as machine parts, press molds for forming, steel plates and more, according to Eriez®.

SafeHold EPL Series Permanent Lifting Magnets require fewer operators and helpers, and when properly installed and operated, they provide greater safety than other mechanical material handling devices.

This line of Lifting Magnets turns on and off manually to provide smooth operation for hundreds of lifting and positioning applications.  Since electricity is not needed, power failures don’t interrupt the operation.  There is continuous magnet power until the magnet is turned off.  There is no need for a costly D.C. power supply or batteries to recharge or replace.

Customers can combine several SafeHold lift magnets to conform to the specific shape and weight of complex work pieces.
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