Contrinex Safetinex safety light curtains are used wherever risks cannot be eliminated through machine design. A person or any part of the body entering a danger zone is detected by the light curtain and immediately stops the machine to help protect the operator from injury. Safetinex safety light curtains consist of a sender and a receiver unit that demarcate the protection zone between them. They correspond to safety category 4 according to ISO 13849-1 (former EN 954-1) as well as type 4 according to IEC 61496-1 and -2.

The line consists of Finger-Safe (YBB-14), Hand-Safe (YBB-30), and Full-Body Access Barriers. All types offer a choice between two channels. Also available are the new IP69K versions for the food and beverage industries. Connection is via M12 or M26 connector, short cable (pigtail) with M12 connector or PUR cable, up to 10 m long. In addition, the product range includes a safety relay of safety category 4 for manual or automatic restart as well as fixing elements. Safetinex safety light curtains offer top quality at attractive prices.


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