Safety Air Gun


Delivering up to 50% more blowing force than a regular air gun, the Pro One + is fitted with a multi Laval air nozzle that improves the performance of cleaning with compressed air.

Sometimes a higher blowing force is needed to ensure a quality blowing result. Meeting this industry demand, Pro One +’s unique multi Laval nozzle creates a concentrated air jet for increased blowing force. The nozzle’s design also reduces air turbulence, resulting in quieter blowing.

The multi Laval nozzle optimizes the air pressure’s change from potential energy to aimed concentrated kinetic energy. This creates a more pointed and efficient blowing force. The goal was to meet the industry’s needs. Therefore, Pro One + was developed together with the operators from the manufacturing industry, says Rasmus Tibell, Technical Director at Silvent AB.


Pro One + is a further development of the Red Dot awarded safety air gun Pro One, and has the same design. The new safety air gun combines quiet, efficient and safe blowing with compressed air. This is a rare combination, since compressed air often creates high sound levels that can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus. It is Silvent´s special blowing technique that reduces air turbulence, thereby decreasing the sound level, and allowing more efficient blowing with compressed air for the operators. The safety air gun also minimizes the risk of aeroembolism if the operator would accidentally block the nozzle opening since the static pressure does not exceed 30 psi.

The safety for the operators is important. Therefore, we wanted to develop an efficient air gun without compromising security. The result is Pro One +. An efficient, safe, quiet and ergonomic safety air gun, says Rasmus Tibell, Technical Director at Silvent AB.

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