Safety Enclosures


Adalet has completed a new line of Exe increased safety enclosures designed with ¼ turn door latching for quick and easy access.  The new VC4X6 & VH4X6 increased safety enclosures are cULus, ATEX, GOST, and IECEx certified to house terminal block assemblies in Exe rated Zone 1 & 2 hazardous locations.

The completed enclosure line includes 37 standard sizes and the option for custom sizes to meet most specifications.   The enclosures feature a continuous one piece silicone gasket which provides an IP66 ingress rating for dust-tight and water-tight locations.  Standard lift-off door hinges are included for easy removal of the cover. 

The ¼ turn door latches are designed with security in mind and include a double bit insert.  Mounting feet can be oriented in either horizontal or vertical directions and an internal / external earth stud is included as standard.  The enclosures are equipped with a painted steel mounting panel for mounting DIN rail and terminal block assemblies. 

All of Adalet's increased safety enclosures carry the most up-to-date approvals to the most current standards and can be customized to meet most any requirement.  Customizations such as holes and cut-outs, breather / drains, terminal block population, various ¼ turn inserts, gland plates, and operators are available.  Users can populate Adalet increased safety enclosure in the field without voiding certification (Adalet must install atleast one terminal block).    

  • Features:
  •  VC4X Series:  24 standard sizes available in SS316L or SS304   VH4X Series:  13 standard sizes available in SS316L or SS304
  •  Continuous one-piece silicone gasket providing IP66 ingress protection
  •  Lift off door hinge
  •  ¼ turn door latch with various optional inserts
  • Options or Modifications:
  •  Gland plates (6" depth or greater) can be supplied pre-drilled or blank for field drilling
  •  Breather / Drain
  •  Stopping Plugs
  •  Population / Assembly with ATEX certified terminal blocks
  •  Cable glands and other fittings
  •  Holes & Cut-outs
  •  Mounting panels
  •  Custom sizes


  • Ground stud on cover and box including an extra earth stud
  • Internal rail mounting system for quick installation of terminal block assembly
  • Welded on external mounting feet (vertical or horizontal)
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