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Brady announces its newest Safety, Facility and Equipment Identification Catalog (S-34). The latest catalog features 9,257 additional parts to provide a more comprehensive view of Brady’s wide range of safety and identification solutions. “The new catalog has undergone considerable improvements in response to the valuable feedback we received during a catalog survey earlier this year,” says Valerie DeCleene, graphic designer at Brady. “We expanded the catalog to include 6,587 existing parts and 2,670 new parts to meet the need of including more products from our active parts list.”

The latest edition of the Safety, Facility and Equipment Identification catalog features the new BMP®21-Plus portable printer, expanded printer materials, new lockout tagout devices and SPC absorbent products, such as new high visibility and barrier-backed adhesive mats. It also includes an expanded sign selection, with over 2,000 ANSI signs, Brady Workstation and Link360® software, more Client Services offerings, a variety of labels, tags, pipemarkers and more! The catalog is designed to provide a variety of safety and compliance solutions for key areas, such as lean manufacturing and maintenance, lockout tagout, arc flash, GHS, slips, trips and falls, spill containment, food and beverage, voice/data communications, and emergency egress.

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