Safety Goggles Channel Water Away


Brass Knuckle Orange Crush eye protection features specialized channels along the brow line designed to move water and sweat away from the eyes, while the rubber gasket seals the glasses snugly against the face.


This means, when members of your team are working out in the elements or working up a sweat, there’s no need to stop what they’re doing and wipe off. Orange Crush stays on their faces, where it belongs. Plus, the soft rubber gasket is removable, allowing for quick conversion to standard protective eyewear.


Orange Crush features this unique type of liquid splash protection on a traditional dust goggle. Coupled with our BK-Anti-Fog+ technology, standard on every pair, Orange Crush is the ultimate in see-clearly workwear.


Orange Crush is loaded with the other features you expect from Brass Knuckle: super-flex temples that hug any size face and TempleTouch technology that grips the sides of the head comfortably with molded-in nibs for non-slip performance. Each pair comes with an optional strap that locks into the temple for an extra-secure fit.


Every Brass Knuckle product is the result of our unrivaled passion for compliance and safety. We don’t put our name on it until it meets our high standards of quality, and our unparalleled understanding of hazards helps keep workplaces safe and compliant.


Orange Crush is a worthy addition to this tradition. Get your crew’s Crush on—it might be the most adaptable, customizable protective eyewear ever.



  • Soft, adjustable, fully customizable PivotEase nosepiece
  • Bendable, super-flex TPR temple in bright orange for visibility and style
  • TempleTouch technology provides a comfortable grip on the sides of the head
  • Integrated side protection
  • Removable, contoured rubber gasket acts as a cradle, helps keep liquids and dust out 
  • ANSI-approved hard-coated polycarbonate lenses
  • BK-Anti-Fog+ protection exceeds European EN 166/168—lasts 45 times longer 
  • Optional gray adjustable strap

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Anonymous, IT/Technology Management, Information Systems
We all know we should always protect our eyes when working, but uncomfortable or poorly fitting glasses get in the way and are irritating. Also, I wear glasses (and no, glasses don't count as eye protection) which adds to the difficulty