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Schmersal’s SLC440 Series Safety Light curtains provide for the protection of hazardous areas with a full range of easily programmed integrated functions, highly visible signaling, and an alignment aid in a rugged housing. The SLC440 Series are Type 4 Safety Light Curtains that were designed to be easier to install and use in a wide variety of applications. The SLC440 series is loaded with functions: fixed blanking, floating blanking, fixed blanking with movable edge region, double reset, contactor control (EDM), automatic mode, re-start mode, and beam coding. Typically these functions are only available as additional options or in separate product series, but in the SLC440 they are standard. 

These functions are easily selected and configured during set up using a simple push-button and the integrated 7-segment display. This user-friendly method does not require separate software or costly set-up devices. Another helpful feature to make installation easier is an integrated alignment aid. This function tests the first and last beams for alignment and displays the results on the 7-segment display. Once both the emitter and receiver are situated properly, the display can be changed over to show signal strength, to fine tune the alignment. The SLC440 Series also features a highly visible LED signal light integrated into the end cap of the receiver unit, so that operational status can be seen from a distance. 

Also, the 7-segment display which was so helpful in set up, now displays error codes and flashing signals to report specific faults. Unlike most other safety light curtains, our SLC440 series features a one-piece extruded housing, in a compact 28 mm x 33 mm rectangular profile. This reinforced housing profile has proven to be less susceptible to mechanical damage and misalignment from torsion or bending. SLC 440 Safety light curtains are used for the protection of hazardous areas, and are available with resolutions of 14 or 30 mm and protection field heights between 170 and 1770 mm. They are suited for use in safety circuits up to PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508).


  • easily programmed integrated functions
  • highly visible signaling
  • easier to install 
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