Safety Light Curtains for Machine Guarding - Tapeswitch Corp


Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures photoelectric devices for area guarding and machine guarding to restricted areas. i.e. B-Series, perimeter guards, , and master slave units and multiple photoelectric systems. Tapeswitch B-Series are full-featured, microprocessor-controlled units designed for optical guarding applications. These photoelectric barriers have special capabilities include beam blanking and a flexible interface. Features & benefits include: 2-unit system does not require a controller, easily interfaces with external devices, Redundant Fail-Safe PNP outputs ,Beam blanking capability, Rugged one-piece extruded aluminum housing at EN ISO 13849-1 Compliant, CE certified and marked UL, Optional Diagnostic display. A wide range of sizes and resolutions is available. B-Series includes an emitter and receiver pair that, by themself constitutes a complete system. They provide two redundant solid state PNP type outputs and qualify as a type 4 safety device in accordance with EN61496-1. These outputs can be interfaced directly into the security systems provided that the circuitry is compatible with PNP type outputs..

Complete light curtain product specifications can be viewed at or by calling Tapeswitch Corporation direct at 1-800-234-8273.  

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