Safety Management System


Developed with practitioners from across heavy industry, Logical Lock combines wearable tech, real-time data analytics and a mobile app to predict risk and automatically intervene before an emergency can happen. The team calls it “proactive protection” and they say it saves lives and time.


This “proactive” approach is seen in the development of the Life and Fall tracker. A data monitor that clips to a work belt and monitors health, activity, and location data. 12 sensors cased inside the rugged shell report in real-time, allowing managers to build a live picture of worker health and risk profile.


Connected to vehicles and machinery via RFID, the tracker can also calculate collision trajectories; warning users and triggering equipment to power down before disaster strikes. And as the name suggests, the tracker can detect falls; alerting support services immediately with critical information to mount an effective response.


Designed for Lockout/Tagout procedures, Smart Lock protects workers from the most common cause of accidents; simple human oversight.


Smart Lock is a ‘smart checklist’, which leads users through each step of a lockout, simplifying procedures and giving the green light to proceed only when the task is safe. Run on a mobile app via any smartphone or tablet, the software automates and simplifies procedures while making non-compliance for users impossible.


An integrated platform for HSE management, analytics and reporting, Omnisense is the operations center of the Logical Lock system. Designed to help monitor and manage work sites globally, the real power of the software is in investigating risk patterns in complex data sets.


Fully customizable and extensible, users can combine additional data sets, sensors and software to fit the exact needs of their business operations.

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