Safety Mats Control Machines


Pressure-sensitive safety mats detect the presence of workers, vehicles or production materials and act as an emergency stop that immediately removes power from a machine if it is operating or cycling. It also prevents the machine from starting. Removing pressure and switching on the control unit restores power to the machine. When installed correctly, the mats ensure an operator or passer-by cannot reach into the point-of-operation hazard prior to the machine coming to a stop.


Rockford Systems pressure-sensitive mats are resistant to wear, oils, grease, acids and most common chemicals. They are the industry standard for reliability and durability in the harshest industrial environments including robotic welding, water jets, tube benders, conveyors, CNCs and other assembly machines. Each mat top surface has a rib pattern running parallel with the mat length to prevent slipping, yet is easy to clean. Their single-piece molded construction prevents de-laminating, while tapered or straight edges allow configuration flexibility.


To ensure fail-safe operation for critical processes and protection, Rockford Systems provides all necessary accessories for its pressure-sensitive safety mats. These include compatible control modules and boxes, junction boxes and zone monitors.

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