Safety Professional’s Expanded Guide to Lockout Tagout


Brady has released its “Safety Professional’s Expanded Guide to Lockout Tagout.” The eBook includes information on lockout tagout, important elements of compliance, how to evaluate a lockout program and tips on program improvement.
“Establishing a lockout tagout program isn’t just about reaching compliance – it’s about creating a comprehensive and sustainable program that your employees can rely on, and making safety part of the culture of your workplace,” says Tim Bandt, global director of Client Services for Brady. “Lockout tagout is a critical component of employee safety and workplace productivity. This new guide provides helpful information to not only better understand OSHA’s lockout regulation, but go a step further to create an effective, world-class program.”
The Safety Professional’s Expanded Guide to Lockout Tagout explains the intricacies of the lockout tagout regulation, six key elements for compliance and what non-compliance could cost. It also provides useful tools and information, including a lockout tagout program checklist, for a company to use to evaluate its current lockout program and take it to the next level with a systems approach.
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