Safety Sign Sliders


Brady reveales its latest workplace visual product – safety sign sliders. These highly visual message boards can hold up to 11 interchangeable signs to keep employees and visitors to a facility aware of relevant safety information. “Our new safety sign sliders are an efficient and cost effective solution to improving workplace communications,” says Tom Smith, product marketing specialist for Brady. “The sliding inserts can be easily added, removed or reordered to display the most up-to-date and important safety messages and warnings.

Anyone entering the facility, department or specific work area can see essential safety precautions at-a-glance and all in one place.” Safety sign slider inserts are available in 80 stock messages and can also be customized with unique messaging, artwork and language options at no additional charge. The slider display boards can hold four, six or 11 sign inserts and are available in four different size options, both in wall-hanging or three-sided, free-standing versions. The boards are made out of durable plastic or aluminum material to stand up to the daily rigors of the workplace and can be customized with a company name or logo at the top.


  • message boards can hold up to 11 interchangeable signs
  • 80 stock messages

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