Sahara Hot Box Drum Ovens


Benko Products, Inc. introduces advanced electrical control capabilities on all of their electric Sahara Hot Box drum ovens. The ovens feature low-watt density heating elements and an industrial digital temperature controller to ensure precise heating, with independent high temperature cutoff to prevent overheating.

They also exhibit all-steel construction, plus integrated framing and structural members to provide superior durability. Models with 304 stainless steel construction are available as well.

Applications. Electric drum ovens are primarily used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries to heat drums and totes of viscous or solid material up to a pumpable or pourable temperature.

Optional control system features for electric Sahara Hot Box drum ovens include:

Ethernet or serial bus communication, allowing full remote monitoring and control of all temperature parameters
Profile temperature control with ramp and hold capability, ranging from as few as 8 profiles with 3 steps up to 64 profiles with 64 steps
Industrially hardened SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system capable of controlling up to 20 ovens with individual temperature profiles, with a real time clock and up to one year of on board data collection and storage to satisfy the most stringent record keeping demands
Integrated PLC controls with touch screen HMI, chart recorders, variable speed fan controls and master control safety relays for plant wide system integrations
Class "A" oven controls with powered exhaust systems, which are readily available upon request


  • low-watt density heating elements
  • digital temperature controller
  • all-steel construction
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