Sanding Belt Holder Reduces Injuries


An automatic sanding belt holder enables lathe operators to sand, polish, and debur while keeping hands away from rotating parts and at a safe operating distance away from the spinning shaft to prevent entanglement.


Simple to install and use, the belt holder fixes to conventional lathes' existing tool-case turrets with the quick turn of a screw. An automated patented sliding system leverages the rotating movement of the workpiece, whether it is metal, alloy or wood, for precise results. Three unique opening positions enable the belt holder to sand machined parts of a wide variety of diameters to maximize its shop floor value while eliminating risk.


The belt holder is available in 25 and 50 mm width models. Both models can hold sanding belts of different sizes and abrasion grits (80/150/180/220/320) to satisfy a wide range of applications. 

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