Saw Blades Reduce Blade Changes


When it comes to band saw blades, the biggest user frustration is the frequency of changing out the blade. Milwaukee’s new blades solve this frustration through a combination of enhanced high-speed steel and a variable TPI tooth design, making 2X faster cuts in thick metals and achieving 3X longer life in stainless steel. These features also unlock the ability to cut through cast iron.


The Extreme Metal Band Saw Blades are available in two variations: Thick Metal Blade and Thin Metal Blade which are both available in all portable Milwaukee band saw sizes. The Thick Metal Blade (8/10 TPI) is optimized to provide best-in-class performance when cutting through thick/extreme metals such as black pipe and angle iron but has the additional versatility to cut common thin metals.


The Thin Metal Blade (12/14 TPI) is optimized for best-in-class cuts in thin/extreme metals such as unistrut or EMT conduit but also provides strong performance in tougher thick metals. The aggressive variable-pitched tooth design of these blades delivers the versatility to cut a wider range of materials with just one blade, providing much longer life in common and extreme materials such as strut, conduit, angle iron, threaded rod, and pipe, and even harder materials like stainless steel and cast iron.

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