Sawing and End Machining Center for Tube and Bar


BLM GROUP USA has introduced the EM80, a combined automatic sawing and end machining center for tube and bar. The new technology is an integrated CNC end machining center ideal for cut to length, chamfer, face, bore, thread and profile processing. The machine operates in several stages or stations. Parts are indexed by a three-position rotary transfer with each position providing a self-centering clamping jaw. The first position cuts the tube or bar to length, the second for turning operations such as chamfering and facing and the third stage for boring, tapping or measuring with part rinsing between.  

A variety of saw blades can be selected based on the material to be ‘cut off,’ from HSS uncoated, to HSS single or multi-layer coated, as well as carbide blades.  Complex turning operations are made possible by a three-axis self balancing CNC controlled Radial Movement Heads™. The patented devices are able to move along three rigidly interpolated axes and can be installed on both sides of the machining station to operate at one or both ends of the parts. Part length can also be measured using the universal measuring probe feature. The unit comes with a bundle loader to handle up to 4,000kg and can be loaded at any time during the operation. 

A ‘conveyor’ brings the parts toward a two position diverter chute to allow the parts to be dropped into the appropriate bin. There is a separate conveyor that handles chip removal. The EM80 handles tube diameters from 10 to 80mm with wall thickness from 0.8 to 12mm and solid bar from 10 to 60mm diameter. The unit can handle bar stock lengths from 2500 to 12000mm. The blade cutting speed travels at 20m/min to 450m/min. 


  • several stages or stations
  • variety of saw blades
  • bundle loader

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