SCADAWave Ultra JR50 Ethernet Data Radio


Control Microsystems, global developer of advanced SCADA products, today announced the newest addition to the SCADAWave line of wireless data radios; the SCADAWave JR50 spread spectrum Ethernet data radio.
Taking advantage of “IP over Ethernet” technologies, the JR50 utilizes portable network access to extend corporate offices onto the plant floor and beyond to remote assets such as field-installed controllers and intelligent sensors.
Combining standard features like dual Ethernet ports, a built-in Ethernet switch, extended operational temperature range and ruggedized metal enclosure, the JR50 is designed for challenging applications.  The product is configured using an embedded HTML web server that also provides network management and remote diagnostics capabilities.  No additional software is required.
“The JR50 is an Ethernet data radio designed for maximum value that incorporates a wide range of features unique to the marketplace”, says Dale Symington, VP Product Strategy. “The product is completely flexible in the conception and installation phases of your project and can operate as a remote data radio, access point, repeater or network bridge.”
Using the advanced radio features found in the Ultra-Series family, the JR50 includes a powerful 1-watt transmitter (900MHz model) and ultra-sensitive receiver, unique-to-SCADAWave MultiStreamTM, LinkXtendTM and KwikStreamTM technologies, and high speed, over-the-air data throughput (up to 256Kbps).
The Trusted Remotes/Masters functionality further supports the security feature of the product’s frequency-hopping algorithm, increasing security by restricting communication to permitted devices only; and the JR50’s 256-bit AES encryption makes it virtually impossible to hack into.
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