Scalable Condition Monitoring System


Fluke is innovating industrial remote monitoring with the first system of portable sensors, a gateway and Fluke Connect software that you can access data anywhere, anytime. Each wireless sensor sends measurements as frequently as every second, giving you a history of equipment performance before, during and after an event. Data logging allows you to make preventive maintenance decisions with the complete information, as events are happening.


The system scales to your plant, whether your equipment is aging but heavily relied on or new, complex and more challenging to maintain. With easy-to-use Fluke technology, the system installs in a matter of minutes–even in tight, difficult to reach locations.


Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring software keeps you in touch whether you are on the other side of the plant or the other side of the planet. Measurements are sent to the cloud 24/7, and you can access them from anywhere using your computer or handheld device.


Capture baseline data and trending on equipment so you can identify problems quickly. Correlate historical trends and track current conditions to detect faults and increase equipment uptime. Best of all, measurements taken with Fluke Connect handheld tools and work orders are stored in the software, so you can have a full picture of equipment health over time.


Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring gives you the complete performance picture on any asset in your plant. A continuous real-time data stream tracks events – including troublesome intermittent conditions – and issues alarms triggered by your preset thresholds. All helping you to avoid unplanned downtime.



Key Components:

  • Fluke 3501 FC Gateway:
    • The Gateway sends measurements from the 3500 FC Condition Monitoring Sensors to the cloud where the data can be accessed by Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring Software.
  • Fluke 3500 FC Condition Monitoring Sensors:
    • Fluke 3500 FC Condition Monitoring Sensors are placed within 30 feet of the Gateway and take measurements of AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, and temperature as frequently as every second.
  • Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring Software:
    • Monitor real-time measurements of equipment in your facility from anywhere, at any time using Fluke Connect® Condition Monitoring Software. Set up your own personalized dashboard to track measurements and view a history of equipment performance—all from your computer or handheld device. Receive immediate notification when values fall outside of your specified thresholds. Analyze data logging that reveal trends and measurement fluctuations indicating fault development. For a full picture of your equipment, wirelessly sync measurements from Fluke Connect® handheld tools and compare them to your condition monitoring data.

Capabilities & Features:    

  • Monitor AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, temperature
  • Attach using Fluke technology that you already know-iFlex, current clamps and probes
  • Use your own technicians to install and move monitors
  • Find the root cause of equipment events or performance issues faster, at less risk and less cost
  • Achieve greater uptime by troubleshooting with trend data over time
  • Monitor work orders and identify recurrent issues
  • Augment your data by including measurements from handheld Fluke Connect tools
  • Access a history of equipment performance before, during and after an event
  • Monitors equipment from anywhere
  • View data while offsite from mobile devices, and receive real-time alarms to take decisive action.
  • Features fast, set-up and data logging
  • Set up in minutes, even in tight, difficult-to-reach spots with your own technicians. Easily connect, disconnect and move sensors throughout your facility
  • Helps to get to the root cause fast
  • View AC/DC voltage, current and power, and temperature data
  • Built by a world-leading industrial brand


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