Scan and View Codes Simultaneously


An AT31Q handheld 1-D and 2-D barcode scanner featuring both close-range as well as distance scanning has been released. When used at close range, the operator-friendly device allows users to simultaneously scan and view codes, speeding up work and increasing accuracy.


The scanner is well-suited for scanning operations where the codes are close at hand, but it has the versatility of being able to scan at a distance whenever required. The lightweight yet ruggedly built AT31Q weighs only 4.4 ounces, reducing operator fatigue. Both a buzzer and alert light confirm successful scans.


The AT31Q can read codes displayed on mobile devices, such as mobile coupons and mobile membership cards. The high-performance scan engine of the device reads even dirty, damaged and poorly printed codes


It is designed so the user can quickly pick it up from its rest position, and features an ergonomically shaped grip and trigger that reduce strain during long work sessions. The trigger has a detent that clicks to let the user know by feel when it has been pulled.


Three user-selectable modes allow single-scan reading of concatenated QR Codes or barcodes with up to three rows, as well as reading of an individually targeted code even when multiple codes are in the reading area.


The highly durable AT31Q is designed to withstand a drop of 6.5 ft. onto concrete and 100,000 drops from 8 in. A robust power-connector cover minimizes potential failure at the point of connection, while an IP42 rating ensures protection of the device against water and dust.


The AT31Q comes with DENSO’s Scanner Setting 2D software, enabling users to use a PC to easily set parameters such as reading conditions and data formats based on the objects to be read.


The device is also equipped with a function to compare the registered master data with the read data, which enables easy creation of inventory systems, etc. In addition, the supplied ADF Script application makes it easy to perform data editing, including sorting, extraction and conversion, without having to develop a dedicated application. 

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