Scarifying Machine


Remove Plaster and Paint and Roughen Concrete Fast and Dust-FreeCS Unitec’s EPF 1503 scarifying machine uses carbide “star” cutters to roughen, descale, abrade, clean and texturize concrete, as well as remove plaster, old paint, adhesives, plastics and resins. This is an ideal tool for professional renovations of masonry materials.

The EPF 1503 has a 13.6 AMP motor and is powerful enough to scarify large surfaces quickly. Adjusting the height of the guide ring produces a precise cutting depth from 0.02” to 0.16”. The EPF 1503 has a 5” diameter milling head with 16 tungsten carbide cutters. It operates at a speed of 4000 RPM for high abrading efficiency. The combination of a vertically mounted motor and dust guard extends the life of the tool by keeping dust away from the motor. The brush rim provides high suction power for dust-free operation when connected directly to a standard industrial vacuum hose. Electronic features include soft start, overcurrent cut-off and optical overload indication.


  • Removes Plaster and Paint
  • Roughens Concrete Fast
  • Powerful 13.6 AMP motor
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