Scissor Shears


Lightweight P-2080 Scissor Shear features a straight-handled body design for maximum maneuverability when making cuts in thick, soft materials. Its variable-speed motor allows users to control speeds from 0 to 2,500 rpm.

The P-2080 requires only a 90-psi air source, is only 12.23 in. long, and weighs just 4 lb. Its convenient design provides the versatility to work in close quarters while maintaining comfort and control, while the high speed enables users to complete jobs faster.


Stationary bottom blade and large "rabbit ear" blades enable the P-2080 to cut through pliable materials such as:

  • vinyl
  • woven woods
  • chipboard
  • carpet
  • carpet underlayment
  • foam rubber
  • linoleum
  • heavy foil
  • hardware cloth
  • light mesh screening
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